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VSMPO TIRUS can also perform a variety of additional services at OUr UK site. We have made Significant investment in our Redditch facility to enable us to offer a wide range of cutting, machining and finishing services to meet our customers' needs.

Doosan Mynx 7500/50

Two 3 axis heavy duty vertical machining centres for high performance machining of Titanium parts. The Mynx offers exceptionally high rigidity and powerful spindles perfect for Titanium machining.
The machine is equipped with a two-step gearbox which generates high torque perfect for heavy duty material removal.
Table Size 1600 mm x 860 mm
Machine Travel – 1525 mm x 762 mm x 625 mm

Hurco VMX 50T

3 axis vertical machining centre ideal for high performance machining of Titanium forgings and other parts.
Including through coolant tooling and a powerful BT50 spindle for accurate and fast metal removal.
Table size - 1500mm x 670 mm
Machine travel – 1270mm x 670mm x 610mm

Flow Dynamic Dual Head Water Jet Machine

Flow WMC water jet cutter with dynamic dual heads capable of cutting Titanium parts at high speeds with close tolerance control. Dual head enables two 2m x1m plates to be cut simultaneously. Table size 4000mm x 2000mm

Bystronic Byshear VR6 Cutting Shears

Bystronic cutting shears with VR technology gives reliable cutting quality due to automatic setting of the blade angle and blade gap. Excellent quality for cutting thin and thick sheets of titanium. Thickness - 0.5mm to 4mm Maximum Length – 3100 mm

Kasto U5 Bloc Saws

Three Kasto bloc band saw machines allow the cutting of square or flat Titanium with different sizes of cross section. Using carbide tipped band saw blades Titanium can be cut with high cutting performances. Maximum cutting length - 4100mm Maximum cutting height – 540mm

Kasto tec Ac4 Saws

Three Kasto fully hydraulic and automatic high performance band saw machines. The saw blade moves parallel in the horizontal direction for cutting of round, square and flat Titanium. Maximum cutting height - 430mm


2 lathes for radiusing and chamfering of billets up to a diameter of 350mm


VSMPO Tirus Ltd is VSMPO-AVISMA's sales and distribution centre for UK customers.

Production begins at the sponge manufacturing stage at the AVISMA facility in Berezniki in the Perm region of Russia.

The Corporation holds over 250 certificates for quality and environmental management systems, various processes and products.